Name: DJ Amen
From: Born and raised in Denver.
Years DJing: 14ish
Equipment: Technic 1200’s, Serato, Rane TT57
Genre’s: Hip-hop, Indie, Electro, Club music, Moombahton, HoodRat-Booty-Poppin’-Shit, and just Different shit
Crew: Radiobums

You started DJing back in ’98 but how old where you when you got in to it all??

I think I was 15 when I first started.

I know you started after hearing Chonz win that battle on the Eclipse show, and learned by watching old battle vids. Then you went from doing house parties in high school and college, to being a resident on Basementalism 1190. What were some of your first paid gigs?

I was DJing the Giggling Grizzly for a couple of years with some friends and would do random small gigs here and there. Bar Luxe and Slim 7 were a couple of my first.

Nice! I met you through Luxe and the Radio Bums Record Pool originally. I still miss Luxe. I used to lie about my age to spin there. LOL

Haha! That’s dope. I miss it too. Wish there was another spot we could make the new Luxe.

Is your most memorable gig still Beta with Jazzy Jefe?

Yeah I think so.

Who are some of your favorite DJs?

Some of my fave DJ’s are Diplo, Mark Ronson, Brenmar, and Flosstradamus. I like DJ’s who are unorthodox and play random songs. I think I’m more impressed when somebody plays a set without all the obvious club hits.

Any place you wanna play at?

The kind of parties I want to spin are the grimiest house party type parties. It would be fresh to rent out skating rink and DJ there. I’d also like to DJ at art shows or 1st friday type of things. The music is more important to me now than ever. I don’t really care to spin in bottle service clubs anymore. I’m sure I always will in some fashion though. Haha!

Actually I’m looking into starting an off night like a patio party sometime soon. Hopefully I can have guest DJs there, when I get it all set up you should come spin. I’ll keep you updated as it develops!

Yes and yes I’m down!

What nights are you workin’ right now?

Thurs Hai Bar, Fri The Drink & Mix, Sat at The Hai Bar..

What’s one of your favorite throwback or secret weapon that always works? all?

I’ve been playing Hoochie Mama like every Friday at The Drink. It’s a good way to transition from slower songs and it’s a song you don’t mix, just straight drop it and it’s like an instant bomb. People start hood rat squattin’ and booty poopin’ all nasty.
My playlist is crazy right now. I’ve taught myself not to be scared to play what I want so I don’t really have certified go to bangers. I’m fortunate enough to have crowds that have been just enjoying the night and the music.

What are your current top 3 bangers?

A few of my favorite songs to play right now at Drink or Hai Bar are Hardwell’s Spaceman, some Moombahton tracks, that Far East Movement and Tyga track is tight but nobody knows it yet. I play it early. Azealia Banks 212 is fun to play too.

Is there a song that you consider the worst request ever? Or do you still hate ‘em all?!

At this point I’m numb to requests. The worst requests are when they demand a song or ask if they can hook up their phone to play a song.

LMAO like they want you to stream a song from their Spotify app or something. I even hate it when they show you the name of a song on their phone cause they don’t remember the name or who sings it. Yeah 212 is dope I’ve been bangin’ it too.

Straight up. People are just dumb.

Where is the Field Day Radio Mix??!!! Jk! BOOOM! For Real was enough fire to shut me up. I was just talking with another DJ and we were saying how you are light years ahead of everyone on some other shit. And that you should be programing music as a day job like Sephora or something trendy lol… Sephora. I’m not sure where jobs like that exist but if I had a label you would be a prospect for A&R for sure!

That’s dope man. I appreciate the love more than you know. I just dropped another one too Bright Lights Big City III. I think you’ll dig it. It’s way more chill than BOOOM! For Real.

Here is BOOOM! For Real
Amen says he wanted it to be, “an audio tomahawk on fire if you will.” AND IT IS!!!

Check out Amen’s description of the mix at his soundcloud for info about the mix; including what “BOOOM! For Real” means, the cover art, and the track listing.

Here is Bright Lights Big City Volume III. A mix of chill stuff that he enjoys listening to. Grab the mix, read his description, and the track listing on his soundcloud page.

Thank you Amen for letting me bother you with questions and for you patience with how it took me to actually post this ish!!!

Amen’s Twitter
Amen’s Soundcloud
Amen’s Website

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