I was googling ”giraffe art” for a Christmas gift idea and found this awesome blog where Ali Spagnola takes painting request via email and gives away free paintings.  Sounds crazy, but I think ideas like this work in the long run.  She accepts donations and does commissioned work as well.  She says that, ”The more people that request paintings, the better I get at painting and the more famous I get, the more my paintings are worth. Everybody wins!”

After looking at a bunch of her art I visited her home page and found out that she does everything. Painter, Sclupter, Graphic Designer, Musician, and probably a bunch more.  I’m the same way, and now you all get to read about my other creative outlets.  So, Thanks Ali!

Here’s a taste of my first attempts at graphic design work (BTW I’m learning PS, AI, and DW in order to offer design and web-design as studio services).

DJ Squirt Typography Poster

2009 New Years Flyer @ 3014

DJ Frank E How Low Remix Promo


Andrew Grant hilarious ish

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