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That Good – Glasses Malone

This song is so dope!!!

get at me if you need the song


BOOOM! For Real & Bright Lights Big City III – DJ Amen

Name: DJ Amen
From: Born and raised in Denver.
Years DJing: 14ish
Equipment: Technic 1200’s, Serato, Rane TT57
Genre’s: Hip-hop, Indie, Electro, Club music, Moombahton, HoodRat-Booty-Poppin’-Shit, and just Different shit
Crew: Radiobums

You started DJing back in ’98 but how old where you when you got in to it all??

I think I was 15 when I first started.

I know you started after hearing Chonz win that battle on the Eclipse show, and learned by watching old battle vids. Then you went from doing house parties in high school and college, to being a resident on Basementalism 1190. What were some of your first paid gigs?

I was DJing the Giggling Grizzly for a couple of years with some friends and would do random small gigs here and there. Bar Luxe and Slim 7 were a couple of my first.

Nice! I met you through Luxe and the Radio Bums Record Pool originally. I still miss Luxe. I used to lie about my age to spin there. LOL

Haha! That’s dope. I miss it too. Wish there was another spot we could make the new Luxe.

Is your most memorable gig still Beta with Jazzy Jefe?

Yeah I think so.

Who are some of your favorite DJs?

Some of my fave DJ’s are Diplo, Mark Ronson, Brenmar, and Flosstradamus. I like DJ’s who are unorthodox and play random songs. I think I’m more impressed when somebody plays a set without all the obvious club hits.

Any place you wanna play at?

The kind of parties I want to spin are the grimiest house party type parties. It would be fresh to rent out skating rink and DJ there. I’d also like to DJ at art shows or 1st friday type of things. The music is more important to me now than ever. I don’t really care to spin in bottle service clubs anymore. I’m sure I always will in some fashion though. Haha!

Actually I’m looking into starting an off night like a patio party sometime soon. Hopefully I can have guest DJs there, when I get it all set up you should come spin. I’ll keep you updated as it develops!

Yes and yes I’m down!

What nights are you workin’ right now?

Thurs Hai Bar, Fri The Drink & Mix, Sat at The Hai Bar..

What’s one of your favorite throwback or secret weapon that always works? all?

I’ve been playing Hoochie Mama like every Friday at The Drink. It’s a good way to transition from slower songs and it’s a song you don’t mix, just straight drop it and it’s like an instant bomb. People start hood rat squattin’ and booty poopin’ all nasty.
My playlist is crazy right now. I’ve taught myself not to be scared to play what I want so I don’t really have certified go to bangers. I’m fortunate enough to have crowds that have been just enjoying the night and the music.

What are your current top 3 bangers?

A few of my favorite songs to play right now at Drink or Hai Bar are Hardwell’s Spaceman, some Moombahton tracks, that Far East Movement and Tyga track is tight but nobody knows it yet. I play it early. Azealia Banks 212 is fun to play too.

Is there a song that you consider the worst request ever? Or do you still hate ‘em all?!

At this point I’m numb to requests. The worst requests are when they demand a song or ask if they can hook up their phone to play a song.

LMAO like they want you to stream a song from their Spotify app or something. I even hate it when they show you the name of a song on their phone cause they don’t remember the name or who sings it. Yeah 212 is dope I’ve been bangin’ it too.

Straight up. People are just dumb.

Where is the Field Day Radio Mix??!!! Jk! BOOOM! For Real was enough fire to shut me up. I was just talking with another DJ and we were saying how you are light years ahead of everyone on some other shit. And that you should be programing music as a day job like Sephora or something trendy lol… Sephora. I’m not sure where jobs like that exist but if I had a label you would be a prospect for A&R for sure!

That’s dope man. I appreciate the love more than you know. I just dropped another one too Bright Lights Big City III. I think you’ll dig it. It’s way more chill than BOOOM! For Real.

Here is BOOOM! For Real
Amen says he wanted it to be, “an audio tomahawk on fire if you will.” AND IT IS!!!

Check out Amen’s description of the mix at his soundcloud for info about the mix; including what “BOOOM! For Real” means, the cover art, and the track listing.

Here is Bright Lights Big City Volume III. A mix of chill stuff that he enjoys listening to. Grab the mix, read his description, and the track listing on his soundcloud page.

Thank you Amen for letting me bother you with questions and for you patience with how it took me to actually post this ish!!!

Amen’s Twitter
Amen’s Soundcloud
Amen’s Website

Gotta Have Cinema

As most of you know, Robin and I had a baby a few months back and it’s become more and more difficult to find the time to practice and mess around with music at home. I set everything up the other day and hit record and this is one of the ideas I had. It’s a live bootleg so it’s not perfect and I didn’t do an extra editing I just hit record.
I tried it last night at 24k and it killed the club!!!
Let me know what you think!

(right click and save to download)
Gotta Have Cinema (Squirt Bootleg) – Skrillex, Benny Benassi, & Gary Go vs Kanye & Jay Z

Throwback Thursday 5/10

Can We – SWV ft Missy Elliot

I’m Not Player – Big Pun

One Cause One Effect – Midnight Love

Da Brat – Funkdafied

Amber – This Is Your Night

Top Downloads from 4/30-5/6

Here’s what I thought was hot from last week! Should’ve called this “The Kap Slap Post,” lol he’s been killing it lately!

Rap/Hip Hop
She Ain’t Faking – Xtra
Up (J. Espinosa Doin’ It Remix) – LoveRance
Game Over – Red Cafe
She Can Get It – Jay Bling
Ride Like That – Travis Porter Feat Jeremih

Tonight (Original Mix) – Felix Cartal feat. Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds
Don’t Stop (Oliver Remix) – Foster the People

Dirty Bass – FM ft Tyga
Wild Cinema (Kap Slap Bootleg) – Sia – David Guetta & Nicky Romero, Calvin Harris, Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go
Sorry For Party Rocking (Swiss Official Superdrop Remix) – LMFAO
Live My Life (Sick Individuals Remix) – FM ft Justin Bieber
Spaceman I Used To Know (Kap Slap Bootleg) – Hardwell ft. Gotye, Adele, Lady Gaga
Pressure (J. Espinosa Rattle Edit) – Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji
Cashin’ Out – DJ Klutch Remix – Cash Out
Electro Dude (Original Mix) – Chuckie, Glowinthedark
I’m Good – Kid Statik Remix – YG
Domino In My Mind (Kap Slap Bootleg) – Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl, Axwell ft. Jessie J
Somebody I Used to Know x Levels (Anna Lunoe & Chris Bagraiders Mash) – Avicii vs Gotye
Fn Pig – Deadmau5
Troll (Sick Individuals Remix) – Quilnez
Disco Dangers – Skrillex Remix – Jaylin Ducati
Make It Rain And I Know It (DJEXODUS) – LMFAO vs. Travis Porter
Can’t Stop Prutataaa (Kap Slap Bootleg) – Afrojack, Dada Life ft. Alesso
Mercy – DJ Mad House Remix – Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz & Kanye West
Earthquakey People to Love (Kap Slap Bootleg) – Rusko, Steve Aoki, Alvin Risk ft. Rivers Cuomo

Must Be Dance City (Kap Slap Bootleg) – Nero, Flux Pavillion, Kill The Noize ft. Tyga, Big Sean, Childish Gambino
Birthday Cake (Proper Villains Remix) – Rihanna
Drop It Like It’s Hot (Bullwack Remix) – Snoop Dogg
Birthday Cake (Smerk & Rukus Bootleg) – Rihanna (feat Chris Brown)
Make It Bun Dem (Original Mix) – Skrillex & Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley
I Do It For The Ratchets – DJ Christo Moombahton Bootleg – Joe Moses
Party Shot – Major Lazer & Etc Etc Remix – Popcaan
Siren (Just One) – Milo & Otis
Wonderwall (DJs From Mars Internet Friends SCARY MONSTERS Bootleg 128-91-128) – Oasis
Pretty Fly (DJs From Mars Bootleg) – The Offspring


Follow Friday – DJ Nunez

Name: DJ Nunez
From: Northern Colorado
Years DJing: 8
Favorite DJ’s: Locally Chonz, Squirt, Tanastidi, Sabotage, and Jay Jones; Nationaly Kid Capri I meet him at Suite 152 a few years back.
Equipment: Serato, 1200’s, and a Rane 57. I’ve been messing with Jay Jones’ Rane 68 lately though. Been learning on Ableton recently too.
Genre’s: Electro, Top 40, Hip Hop and Old School
Crews Radiobums & Grazzzi Boyz
Day Job: Biological Science Aid at USDA

Nunez my man it’s been a long time!!!
I know you grew up messing with the decks and learning from your older brother and cousin, and then you joined the Radio Bums Record Pool. That’s about the time when I met you, through the record pool when you and I were both trying to get our first gigs. What do you remember about your first gig or gigs?

I started doing a lot of private events like quinceaneras and stuff but my first club residency was at Club 101 Bolder on Wednesdays.

I know you keep stepping it up and are now playing at the hottest spots in Fort Collins. Where is your favorite spot to play at right now?

There’s a couple in Denver, The Beatport Lounge in Beta and the main room at Vinyl. Up north in Fort Collins… I know it’s a little biased but I love my current spot, Wall Street Bar and Grill.

What would you say is your most memorable gig?

I guess I would say when I played at Beta. Kemo and Shake One were at Global or something and I got to fill in and rock with Tanastidi… but Kemo and Shake ended up coming through and we all rocked together.

Dream residency anywhere in the world?
Two  big goals of mine are Vegas and Europe. In Vegas nowhere in particular I just want to rock the party and I really want to go out and play in Europe too.

Whats one of your favorite throwback or secret weapon that always works?
Be Faithfull – Fatman Scoop

What are your current top 3 bangers?
Someone I Used To Know (Hyper Crush Remix) – Gotye
Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan
Paris – Kanye & Jay Z

Is there a song that you consider the worst request ever?
Sponge Bob Song AKA Cat Daddy

I know you just dropped a new mix, you want to tell me about it?
It’s basically a current mix of my style lately. Everything is gravitating towards electro music and that’s what inspired me. So I put together some of my favorite songs right now so that I can hand it out to people, I’m hoping it lands in the right hands.

Well here it is!!

I’m digging it for sure. You put in a lot of my top electro tracks in there and fit in some sick remixes. I really liked the remixes for Saxobeat, Live My Life, and Turn Me On. Oh and I liked that you put in that Haters Gonna Hate track, I always drop it.

Any crazy stuff happen at a gig recently?
I’ve actually have had to ruffle some people by the booth for acting up lately…

Yeah you’ve gotta watch out for all that for sure. That reminds me, I remember that a long way back I convinced you to rock a house party with me in the smallest most ghetto house ever… you brought your speakers and we both tore that place apart. I just remember that I didn’t think we were gonna make it out of there alive LMAO and that one of my cousins was there and thought you were cute or something… awesome!!! House parties aahhh I miss that…

Yeah I remember that, I had fun that night! There was this one time when I was leaving a quinceanera in Greeley. My friends called and told me about a house party in Fort Collins so I brought all my stuff that was already with me to the place. I brought in my big three-way JBL setup, turntables, a mixer, records, and even lights. It got so packed they started carrying out couches and stuff to make room for all the people. Eventually the cops came, not because of a noise complaint but because they were driving around and they heard it and followed the sound.

That’s dope. They could hear Nunez from a mile away huh!!
So where can we hear you now?

Well I’m at Wall Street on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I’ve been with them for about a year and a half now.

Sick! Keep doin’ your thing bro the mix sounds good. Thanks for your time!


I also wanted to make sure that I plugged Nunez’ Graphics Company Nufusion